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David B. Frank

We're changing the game!

Welcome to our world! We're artists, dreamers, creators, marketers, photographers, videographers and entrepreneurs.

My name is David Frank and I am the Founder of Say It With Photos, LLC and Director of Business Development for ArtsEducationPartners.Com and LocalSpotlights.Com.

For the past 13 years my team and I have experimented, researched, and tested ways to better support the arts and arts education.  Through our grassroots efforts, we have built a solid business and marketing model to solve many of the challenges that have kept  the small business community from being more connected to the arts community.

Envisioned and created as a win/win/win partnership platform our business model has the potential to provide funding opportunities to offset a huge void in organizational budgets that are required to fund the creation of fresh and relevant content for a marketing world that is now driven by social media videos and images.

While social media may be "FREE" it is not an asset to any business or nonprofit organization unless their content is fresh and relevant. Additionally the content that is most widely viewed and shared are photos and videos that frequently do require a budget to create.

Consider for a moment the following realities and statements:

  1. Most businesses are scrambling to find time and content to help grow their social media presence and connect them to a larger audience

  2. The arts community can create video content that engages the community on many levels, but doesn't have the resources to do so without a budget.

  3. The general public, travelers, and curious minds are frequently combing the web to look for community events that  "look and sound"  like they will be fun for the whole family.

  4. Most small businesses do NOT need or know what to due with a tax deduction for a "charitable donation to support the arts" - they just need to make money to earn a living and grow their business.

  5. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE does has a personal connection to the arts. The arts are all inclusive.

  6. An artist, designer or creative has a hand in virtually every product ever created and brought to market - regardless of how large or small it may be.

  7. Artists, designers, musicians, innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs are passionately driven to create new and exciting work.

  8. Creative minds are often developed in our youth through creative learning processes and a connection to the arts and arts education.

  9. Well designed, elegant, artistic, sexy, stylish, cool products outsell all the competitors. Design not only matters, it sells!

Currently we are focused on securing partnerships to help provide seed capitol for our next phase of development. 

If you would like to support our vision for the long-term development of Arts Education TV and this platform,  please contact us anytime.

Phone: 210-313-4101



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